Script to update all dockers running on a machine.

This is a script i wrote to manage updates on a number of containers that i run within a directory. The pre-requisite for this script to be used is that you have all your docker-compose.yml files within a directory. They can be within their own folders.

Just sharing so that someone might find it useful.



directories=$(find ${BASE_DIRECTORY} -iname docker-compose.yml -maxdepth 3 | grep -ivw 'excludePattern1\|excludepattern2' | sed 's/docker-compose.yml//g')

echo "(+) Starting to check dockers"

for directory in $directories;do

        #echo "(+) Entering directory: $directory"
        cd "${directory}"
        #echo "(+) Currently in : ${directory}"

        docker-compose ps --services --filter "status=running" | grep -i [a-z]
        if [ $? -eq 0 ];then
                echo "(+) Application ${directory} seems to be running, updating"
                docker-compose pull
                docker-compose up -d
                #echo "(-) Application not running, skipping update"
                echo ""
        cd -

echo "(+) Upgrade complete"