Linux Installation Guide

Hardware: (information about redhat supported hardware) (to check graphics compatibility e.g. VGA card, monitor)   /bug-fixes

Redhat supported architechre

* RHEL supports the following cpu architechures

.intel’s x86 arch.

. interl’s Itanium ,,

. AMD64

. IBM’s s/390, i-series, p-series & z-series arch.

* RHEL supports SMP (symmentric multi-processors)

– Linux supports upto 32 processors

– but Intel’s arch. limitations uptp 8 processors (official supports site for ws,es and as )

Redhat Installation:


1.         CD-ROM based installation

2.         Network-based ,, (FTP,HTTP & NFS)

3.         Kickstart     ,,

Min. H/W requirement

1. Memory – >=128MB (256 mb recommended)

2. Processor – Pentium Class

3. Hard Disk space – depends uptp the no. of packgaes to be installed) (RHEL3-WS)  5 gb for full installation and 3 gb for general installation)

when bootable cd started:

boot:   1.         linux mediacheck

2.         press ENTER for graphical installation (GUI)

3.         linux text – for text based installation (use tab key for cursor               jump, spacebar for selection/deselection

4.         Language selection – default ok

5.         keyboard selection – default ok

6.         mouse selection       – select properly

Disk Partition

Two types of i/o controllers

. IDE and SCSI

1. Primary master (/dev/hda)

2. ,,        ,,   (/dev/hdb)

3. Secondary master (/dev/hdc)

4. ,,        slave  (dev/hdd)

. SCSI Disk

1. first scsi disk (/dev/sda)

2. second scsi disk (/dev/sdb)

Types of partitions:

1. Primary partition   (upto 4 primary partition including extended as one of                                                the primary partition)

2. Logical partition   It resides inside the partition start from 5 and can be                                        extend uptp 65 in IDE and 15 upto in scsi)

Note: use #fdisk -l for list of partition

Types of creating partition

1. auto partition

2. disk-druid

in auto partition

/boot -100mb

swap – 2XRAM

/ – Remaining all free (non formatted or unpartition) space.

Disk Druid


min. recommended partition




Full fledged partitioning scheme (for server recommended)


/boot -100mb

/home -5000 (depends on  users volume)

/usr  – space depends upon the no. of package tobe installed (for full instalati       on -RHEL3.0-ws>=4100MB

/var – 500mb

/tmp – 200mb

/    – /bin /sbin /dev/ etc/lib 2GB

swap – 2XRAM