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Processes in Linux

D : This means the process is in uninterruptible sleep mode. Usually Input and output are in this mode.

R : Currently Running Process or is in the running queue.

S :  Is in sleep state waiting for an event to complete.

T :  Means the process is stopped by a signal.
X :  X means a dead process.

Z :  Zombie or dysfunctional process which has terminated.
< : High priority process

N : Low priority process

L : This represents a process which has pages locked into the memory for real time processing or input output.
s : Means that this process is leading the session.

l : Multithreaded process.

+ : Running in the foreground.

Sending Signal to Processes :

Send Continue Signal to a Process :

kill -19 pid

GIT Common Commands and How Tos

To Discard Changes which have not yet been indexed to server , run this command :

git stash save --keep-index

git stash drop

To Clone Git Repo on the local filesystem

  git clone file:////path/to/repo/project.git/ .